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Our Holland Lop Bucks

These are our herd bucks and are not for sale.

They all have clean lines (no vienna gene).

Best Peter Parker.JPG

Gra-Booski's Peter Parker

Broken Black Tort

Dam: Gra-Booski's Mila (Broken Black Tort)

Sire: Morning Glory KH4 "Opie"  (Black Tort)


Little Lops of Roanoke's My Dear Watson

Broken Tort

Dam: Murphy's Sugar and Spice (Broken Tort)

Sire: Deep South Rabbitry's Beat Em To It (Tort)

Best Monet Side view.jpg

KH Lops Monet

Broken Blue

Dam: KH Lops Misty (Black Magpie)

Sire: KH Lops Barley (Broken Chinchilla-Black)


Onward Acre's Sunburst


Dam: Onward Acre's Orangey (Orange)

Sire: Brock's Fallen Ears Soot (Black)


KH Lops Barley

Broken Chinchilla- Black

Dam: KH Lops Daisy (Broken Chinchilla)

Sire: KH Lops Ridge (Sable Magpie)

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