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Our Holland Lop Bucks

These are our herd bucks and are not for sale.

They all have clean lines (no vienna gene).

Beat 'Em Image 3.PNG

Deep South Rabbitry's Beat 'Em To It

Black Tort 

Dam: CK's Dora (Tortoise)

Sire: Gra-Booski's Fiver  (Orange)

Best Peter Parker.JPG

Gra-Booski's Peter Parker

Broken Black Tort

Dam: Gra-Booski's Mila (Broken Black Tort)

Sire: Morning Glory KH4 "Opie"  (Black Tort)


KH Lops' Musketeer

Broken Sable Point

Dam: KH Lops' Paisley (Broken Squirrel)

Sire: LOF's Louie (Chinchilla)


KH Lops Monet

Broken Blue

Dam: KH Lops Misty (Black Magpie)

Sire: KH Lops Barley (Broken Chinchilla-Black)


Onward Acre's Sunburst


Dam: Onward Acre's Orangey (Orange)

Sire: Brock's Fallen Ears Soot (Black)


KH Lops Barley

Broken Chinchilla- Black

Dam: KH Lops Daisy (Broken Chinchilla)

Sire: KH Lops Ridge (Sable Magpie)

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